Our Story

HAIST DESIGNs. Effortless. Modern. Functional. Luxury.

Anne Gill, founder / designer of HAIST Designs, wanted to create a handbag line that would empower the modern woman on the go.  "The perfect handbag has to be an extension of ourselves, with the superhero ability to carry everything that's essential to our daily lives, while looking incredible in the process."  

HAIST is a contemporary luxury handbag line that integrates urban elegance, distinctive quality, and everyday function. The collection works together to complement a busy lifestyle, helping to create seamless transitions from one activity to the next.


We love the idea that our products will find their way into your everyday activities, and we don't take that honor lightly.  That is why we only use the finest leather, source the highest quality hardware, and sought out the most talented artisans as partners. We obsess over every detail so that you are guaranteed an impeccable product.  We want you to love your HAIST bags as much as we loved designing them.  

Life is busy, at times crazy, and your handbag should be your most reliable assistant. Whether traveling, working, parenting, or just living, we want to do it all. Now our handbag can be there to help us meticulously manage every detail, and do so with style. We believe function can be luxurious and organization can be liberating.
— Anne Gill, Founder of Haist

Our first collection includes three essential pieces.  Using an integrative concept, these bags come together to meet your various needs throughout the day.  All together, this creates one of the most versatile and utilitarian collections on the market today.  Whether you have decided to order one handbag, or are going with the trio, we have no doubt that within minutes, your new bag or bags will be uniquely yours- there to meet, and stylishly accessorize any look.

About Anne

Born in Istanbul, raised in London, and educated in the US, Anne Gill's multicultural upbringing exposed her to a diverse collection of references.  Armed with a liberal arts degree and an MBA in International Business, she found herself traveling the world for 17 years while her husband pursued his professional hockey career.  Having lived in different countries and travelled extensively, she has been able to incorporate all of these influences into her designs.  Versatility was the goal, and her collection merges classic simplicity, and everyday cool. She continues to travel, always inspired by the multifaceted woman pushing boundaries and pursuing her goals. Anne now lives in Nashville with her husband Hal, and their three children.