The bags that hold everything you need to live your life.
...Commute to the office. gym. meeting. playdate. flight. night out.    ...all of the above.

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The Nomad


Explore always - wander forever. HAIST luxury and functionality in three inspired, gorgeous colors.
Now on sale!


2nd Gen Collection

We have listened and updated our original design to include the features you want and need. This is the bag you grab because it's the one that just works.


The Landyn

It's finally here... the Landyn. Created by two friends who fall down when they laugh, brainstorm with tequila, and never underestimate the power of a great bag.

A limited edition collaboration between HAIST's Anne Gill and Landyn Hutchinson of www.livingwithlandyn.com.

Life is busy, at times crazy, and your handbag should be your most reliable assistant. Whether traveling, working, parenting, or just living, we want to do it all. Now our handbag can be there to help us meticulously manage every detail, and do so with style. We believe function can be luxurious and organization can be liberating.
— Anne Gill, Founder of Haist

HAIST. Luxury designed for Real Life.